Pastor    Jacob         Van Steenwyk


If you ask me why I became a pastor, I would tell you it was because I had great role models in life. My grandfather would recite scripture while we were out fishing or hunting together. He even would quote scripture in conducting business. It took me awhile to understand my faith's role in my life, and after trying to make it a Sunday thing, God made it my passion. Through all things I have done; sports, hunting, fishing, coaching, countless part time jobs, or roasting coffee, I have tried to integrate the gospel message. For being a pastor isn't about me knowing more than others or about saying things in ways people don't understand, but I seek to share the good news of Jesus Christ, equip people to do the same, and provide a challenge to live a life that is set for the mission of God. 

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*My personal blog is no way a statement of faith for the church.

Secretary Jackie Kooistra

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First Reformed is my home church; and the members have always been a great support system throughout my whole life. I am excited for what God has in store for me in this new role as the church secretary! Being involved in different church events and activities is a great way for me to be involved in the church, and I think that it's a great opportunity for everyone to share and learn about The Gospel of Christ. When I'm not at church I like to be busy with crafts, especially by making soap. Making soap is enjoyable to me because it has a purposeful use (and everyone uses soap). In my point of view, soap is somewhat similar to The Gospel of Christ: everyone needs it, and it holds a great purpose - but the best news is that the Gospel never ends, unlike soap.

Custodians Randy and Wayne Hayunga

Wayne and Randy have been amazing assets for First Reformed Church. They have tremendous servant hearts, and work hard at doing whatever they can to help the church. People have said, what is their to clean as the church is always clean. The reality is, the church is always clean because these two do so much behind the scenes that no one realizes how much they do. They set up for events, various ministries, and make sure that all the things we take for granted (toilet paper and coffee) are all set up and ready to go. There are a lot of pieces that go into the ministries at a church, and a majority of them are done by these guys.